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College of Engineering and Business Studies (CEBS) is the leading professional institution dedicated to develop industry leading professionals in engineering and business management through high standard trainings and career development.

The comprehensive trainings from CEBS foster participants to acquire extensive skills and knowledge that require them to be competent managers and leaders in their professions. This will be achieved through high quality industrial experienced trainers and management staffs who are faithful to deliver customized trainings and development programs to suit the professionals’ needs. We also offer fresh and vibrant atmospheres with sophisticated training resources that leads effective and convenient learning environment.

CEBS offers various training programs in Project Management, Cost Engineering, Value Engineering, Contracts Management, IT programmes, Health & Safety, Soft Skills courses and other professional development courses.



Who we are?

College of Engineering and Business Studies based in  Sri Lanka. CEBS Training Centre is a branch of College of Engineering and Business Studies . CEBS Training Centre is Approved & Licensed by Supreme Education Council Qatar. Currently Training Centre is located in Al-Hilal, Doha, Qatar. Our trainers and consultants are all fully qualified, experienced, skilled and accredited to both national and international level.


What We Do?

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality options tailored to needs of clients and delivered in a relaxed, comfortable yet stimulating environment in which people feel safe to learn and develop. We work with individuals, groups, organisations, and educational establishments using the depth of our psychological knowledge, to facilitate growth and development. As well as running our own training centre, we offer in-house coaching, training and consultancy that is tailored to the needs of our customers.

Vision | Mission | Objectives

Our Vision 

To Become a global leading Institution that provides highest standard of training and professional development.

Our Mission

Is to foster high value accredited training programs, and all necessary support required for successful completion, to learners around the world who wish to enhance their career prospective.


College of Engineering and Business Studies (CEBS) is dedicated to develop industry leading professionals in engineering and business management around the world through high standard trainings and career development.

Ensure that innovation, entrepreneurship, and public service are fundamental characteristics of engineering graduates. 

Obtaining international accreditations for all the courses offered.

Directing the Future

 CEBS is working towards a sustainable growth in the market whilst emerging as the major market share holder in the country. The institute is currently working and directing its strategies t0wards achieving the below: 

Graining island wide recognition. 

Retaining high quality standards.

Investing in the best customer segmentation and targeting combinations.

Developing and implementing flexible learning modes for students.

Implementing the most effective customer acquisition and retention strategies. 

Expanding the overseas affiliation and accreditation from the relevant as well as highly reputed higher educational institutes. 

Ensuring a consistent quality assurance process and course restructuring based on market surveys and inputs from stakeholders. 

Providing ample training atmosphere and sophisticated facilities within the class room.

Delivering prompt and effective response to the students who seek assistance of the institute on Live Chat.